Thursday, April 01, 2010

Sunny day in OH-IO

The weather is absolutely beautiful today!
I wish I didn't have to work from 5:30 - close. I'm going to miss so much of the day!
So I'm making up for it by spending what little time I have blogging outside :)

::Ten minutes later::

My sisters puppy just locked me out of my house!!! Lol

I was just sitting at my picnic table in my backyard
(working on this blog post) minding my own business
and I suppose she was jealous that I was outside & she was inside
So she started scratching the door and making a huge fuss
Then - all of a sudden I heard something crash inside of my house...

So I get up to see what it was...and to my surprise, my backdoor was locked from the inside.
(we have a sliding door and we keep it locked by putting a huge board along the track)
well....that damn dog knocked the board perfectly in place to lock me out!
I just jumped the fence to my front yard (praying that my front door was unlocked)
lucky for me it was.

When she saw me coming through my front door - she ran up to me all happy like nothing happened.
::sigh:: She is definitely out to get me.

That was a very dramatic 5 minutes let me tell you. Lol.

Let us begin...

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[[Today’s news]]


"Men who drink about a quart or more of cola every day could be causing harm to their sperm, results of a Danish study hint. On average, these men's sperm counts were almost 30 percent lower than in men who didn't drink cola. While most of the sperm counts would still be considered normal by the World Health Organization, men with fewer sperm generally have a higher risk of being infertile."

"The link is unlikely to be due to caffeine, the researchers say, because coffee did not have the same effect, even though its caffeine content is higher. Instead, other ingredients in the beverage or an unhealthy lifestyle could be involved."

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"Children could be excused from thinking Easter bunny somewhat miserly come Sunday. A survey has revealed that chocolate eggs have shrunk in size by up to 40 per cent since last year. Cadbury's is among the popular brands selling smaller eggs compared with last year."

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"Kids will always grab pizza and dessert in the school lunch line, but those items may be healthier in coming school years if Democrats in Congress succeed in toughening rules governing the nation's school lunches.

Legislation approved Wednesday by the Senate Agriculture Committee would allow the Agriculture Department to create new standards for all foods in schools, including vending machine items, to give students healthier meal options. The legislation would spend $4.5 billion more over 10 years for nutrition programs.

New standards are not expected to push popular foods off the cafeteria line completely, just to make them healthier. For example, pizza may be made with whole wheat crust and low-fat mozzarella, while desserts could have fewer calories. Hamburgers could be made with leaner meat, and vending machines could be stocked with less candy and fewer high-calorie sodas.

The legislation would also expand the number of low-income children eligible for free or reduced cost meals, a step Democrats say would help President Barack Obama reach his goal of ending childhood hunger by 2015."

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“This may not be your idea of a home but it is bold and fun, and it has certainly attracted wide media attention. The 8,500 square-foot Casa Son Vida is a cooperation between three powerhouses: Luxury residential developer Cosmopolitan Estates, eclectic Dutch designer and founder of Mooi, Marcel Wanders,, and award-winning Los Angeles, Switzerland and Hong Kong-based tecARCHITECTURE.

Casa Son Vida is located in the Balearic Islands off Spain, on the Island of Mallorca, where humans have lived since 6000–4000 BC and where more recently, tourists have over-crowded every beach. But Casa Son Vida avoids the touristy kitsch and aims much higher. It is in the exclusive Son Vida community, just 15 minutes from the capital of Palma.

Casa Son Vida is in fact a reno of a 1960s Mediterranean villa, but it has been turned into an fantastic, sprawling luxury residence, designed to attract the young, discerning and bold, who are confident and design-savvy enough to know what they are looking at. The handiwork of Marcel Wanders is evident everywhere in the Casa that looks a bit like an unruly movie set with its dino-bone exterior staircase, and various bits and pieces that remind you of Tomorrowland, Mickey Mouse, Finding Nemo and, of course, Alice in Wonderland.”

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This recipe is so simple yet so very delicious!

My mom made it a lot while I was growing up for different family gatherings and school functions.

I can't speak for anyone else - but once I start eating this spaghetti salad - it's kind of hard to stop!

This is a perfect spring time recipe for sure -

serve at your next family picnic or bar-b-que!


-1 box (13.25 oz) of whole wheat spaghetti (or linguine...whichever you prefer)

- 8 oz of light italian dressing (I usually go for whatever is the healthiest)

- 1/2 bottle of McCormick salad surpreme seasoning (or 1 bottle of kroger salad seasoning)

- 1 medium onion chopped

-1 green bell pepper chopped

-2 tomatoes chopped

(small to medium diced is perfect)


-Cook the spaghetti as directed on the back of the box

- Once fully cooked - pour/empty the spaghetti into a strainer.

-Immediately rinse the spaghetti with cold water (The cold water sort of shocks the spaghetti - and stops the cooking process)

-Now it's time to toss in italian dressing and the salad seasoning (toss thoroughly)

-Lastly mix in the tomatoes, onion and green pepper

We usually top this off with a sprinkle of parmesan cheese-

but if you don't care for parmesan cheese - then serve as is!



  1. Oh hey, sorry it's just me again. I'm sure you get really excited every time you see a new comment, and half the time they are me. FORGIVE ME. Just wanted to say that that is a clever choice for a featured curly head, and that I'm really proud of you for keeping up with your goals in school and also writing this awesome blog at the same time. You're gonna be great. I envy you (but in a good way). <33

  2. Thanks Sara!
    (Don't be silly -I get excited for your comments! Any comment is welcome)
    It is hard going to school, work, and being a full time blogger all at once. Some days I just want to go on a blogging hiatus because i feel like no one is reading!! But I will keep on truckin thanks to readers like you :)

  3. This reminds me of the salad I make! Kroger's Olive Oil & Vinegar dressing makes the perfect pasta salad dressing. It's white wine vinegar-based and tastes a lot like the Pasta Express Italian flavor dressing. I throw that on any pasta, usually rotini, and add some parmesan and any veggies I have handy (carrots, tomatoes, olives, peppers) and it's just perfect! And a lot better than Salad Express.

  4. That sounds really good Kaitlin! I should give it a go sometime. I love almost any type of spaghetti salad. If there is spaghetti - dressing - seasoning- and cheese...I'm there!! :)